the butchersarms Fridgeford

Fringford, Oxfordshire.

Fringford is an ancient site and seems to have been inhabited for most of the past 2000 years. The name is thought toFlora Thompsons mean; for of the people of Fera, a saxon tribe or family group who were here well before the Norman conquest. In 1993 traces of an earlier Roman-British settlement, from the late 2nd century to the 4th century, were found in Crosslands in the centre of the village. More recent excavations in Farries close revealed a series of Iron Age Romano-British boundary ditches overlain by Saxon and medieval settlements.

map of fridgford

Fringford in the 19th century is now forever associated with Flora Thompson’s Lark Rise to Candleford. In it she recalls her childhood in Juniper Hill (Lark Rise) and at school in Cottisford (Fordlow) before moving to Fringford (Candleford Green).

The “Butchers Arms” public house was licensed by 1735 and may have been called the “Bricklayers Arms” in the past.